Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center

Lake Charles, LA

Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center

Lake Charles, LA
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LAKE CHARLES ADDRESS: 2002 W. Walnut St Suite #2, Lake Charles, LA, United States
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Henry J. “Trip” Goolsby

Lake Charles

LeNae Goolsby, JD

Lake Charles

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  • Best doctor ive ever had. Truly feels like he cares about me and other patients health and takes conditions seriously and to heart. Love!

  • I've been seeing Dr Goosby for a year. I was diagnosed with lupus 5 years ago and his treatment of self awareness and realizing I am in control of what I've created in my body and mind. In 1yeat I have turned my way of thinking around for the better. Especially where my health is concerned. I've created my in result as I was once at 120 lbs and healthier and definitely happier. I appreciate Dr Goosby and his staff for Thier continued support helping me achieve my goals toward a happier healthier me!!! Thank you and may God bless Dr Tripp Goosby, for his dedication in helping others from bottom of his heart. I've never had the confidence that I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

  • The holistic design to improving healthcare, is both powerful and incredibly beneficial. Dr. Goolsby and his staff, take the time to listen, research and act, leading to great personal success. This comprehensive approach to living well, and always striving to achieve better health, has been very rewarding. Dr. Goolsby is a caring and highly competent doctor, always willing to engage his patients along the path to greater wellbeing.

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