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Glastonbury, CT

Valley Sports Physicians & Orthopedic Medicine

Glastonbury, CT
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59 Sycamore Street, Suite 301, Glastonbury, CT, United States
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Jeffrey LaVallee


Paul Tortland


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  • I came to Dr Tortland years ago via my daughter who had back problems as a cheer leader and dancer throughout high school and college. He and his staff got here through those years. She now owns and operates a pilates studio in NYC. He repaired my rotator cuff injury without surgery for which I am forever grateful! He also helped slow the progression of arthritis in my hands. He strives to help people and constantly looks for new and better methods of treatments. I am so glad my family and I have been in his care for several years.

  • VSP&O is an outstanding practice for sports medicine and medical orthopedics. I have benefited from the services for over 20 years resolving problems with back, shoulder, neck and knee. Excellent and innovative care. For example: After 8 months of suffering with a swollen knee, which proved to be torn meniscus on MR, PRP RX provided complete resolution in a few weeks and kept me from going to the surgery being recommended by an orthopedic surgeon friend. A year+ of complications from similar surgery 20 years earlier on my other knee contributed to my reluctance to repeat the surgery.

  • Overall, Dr. Tortland is the best physician that I have seen for regenerative medicine. He combines the latest, most effective technology with a strong intuitive feel. He is always on task but does spend time listening to his patients. He does not oversell his services. I strongly wish that I was aware of regenerative medicine before I had a surgery on my knee. Go to someone like Dr. Tortland before surgery. Nobody is a miracle worker. Nobody will take a 60 year old joint and make it a 25 year old joint. But the field of regenerative medicine will add years or at least slow the decline.

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