Dr. Gordon Wilson

Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Gordon Wilson

Phoenix, AZ
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+1 (480) 630-4655
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Periodontic Specialist
University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Dentistry
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TLC 4 GUMS -Arizona Periodontal Laser Surgical Institute
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18325 North Allied Way, Phoenix, AZ, United States
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Dr. Wilson was born in Santa Monica, California but moved to a small town in Western Nebraska before his first birthday. He grew up on a farm, where he developed his strong work ethic. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he was a varsity member of the Cornhusker’s football team. He was also a patient administration specialist in the United States Army Reserve branch of the 82nd field hospital. After Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, Dr. Wilson volunteered for active duty and was stationed with the 42nd...

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