Nicole Juntz, DC

Milledgeville, GA

Nicole Juntz, DC

Milledgeville, GA
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+1 (706) 671-2209
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Magnolia Medical Group (Lake Oconee)
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946 Harmony Rd, Eatonton, GA, United States
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Dr. Nicole Juntz was introduced to chiropractic at the age of 16, when she drove her younger sister to the chiropractor for help with her migraine headaches. One afternoon, the chiropractor noticed that she was doubled over in pain due to menstrual cramps. It was suggested that she get checked for spinal misalignments. Although she thought the suggestion seemed crazy and unrelated, Dr. Juntz’s mother scheduled her for an examination. To Nicole’s delight, she was relieved of the pains immediately after starting care. She was ...

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